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The actual answer is 'Captain Canada' Ian Millar, who is savouring his 10th Summer Olympics in London 2012. He was 25 years old when he first took part in the Olympics at 25 in 1972. At 65 years old this may unfortunately be this talented equestrian's last trip to the Olympics; but I for one hope that he continues and ends up as also the oldest person to compete in the Olympics! He'd only have to compete in 2 more Olympic Games to get that title as well!

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Q: Name the athlete who has been in the most Olympic games beginning in 1889?
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Mickey Livingston Newberry, South Carolina 1914-11-15 1938 1951 Pat Luby Charleston, South Carolina 0000-00-00 1890 1895 Morris Madden Laurens, South Carolina 1960-08-31 1987 1989 Roy Mahaffey Belton, South Carolina 1904-02-09 1926 1936 Marty Marion Richburg, South Carolina 1917-12-01 1940 1953 Red Marion Richburg, South Carolina 1914-03-14 1935 1943 Barney Martin Columbia, South Carolina 1923-03-03 1953 1953 Jerry Martin Columbia, South Carolina 1949-05-11 1974 1984 Tom Martin Charleston, South Carolina 1970-05-21 1997 Active Marcus McBeth Spartanburg, South Carolina 1980-08-23 2007 Active Doc McJames Williamsburg County, South Carolina 1874-08-27 1895 1901 John McMakin Spartanburg, South Carolina 1878-03-06 1902 1902 Norm McMillan Latta, South Carolina 1895-10-05 1922 1929 Sammy Meeks Anderson, South Carolina 1923-04-23 1948 1951 Drew Meyer Charleston, South Carolina 1981-08-29 2006 Active Eric Moody Greenville, South Carolina 1971-01-06 1997 1997 Van Mungo Pageland, South Carolina 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