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Ryan threw 279 pitches in a game in 1973.

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Q: Most pitches in a game by nolan Ryan?
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Did Nolan Ryan ever throw a 200 plus pitch complete game?

No. No pitcher has ever thrown 200 pitches in a game. The record is 177, by Tim Wakefield. In 1963 Marichal reportedly threw 227 pitches and Spahn threw 201 pitches. This was a sixteen inning game .. both pitchers go the distance. In 1974 Ryan threw 235 pitches against the Red Sox in a thirteen innning game. He struck out Cecil Cooper six times. Ryan also walked ten batters.

How many perfect games has nolan Ryan thrown?

Nolan Ryan never pitched a perfect game, despite his 7 no-hitters.

Did Nolan Ryan ever play against his son?

In April of 1991 Nolan Ryan and his son, Reid Ryan, pitched against each other in an exhibition game.

What is nolan ryan's record for strikeouts in a nine inning game?

Nolan Ryan does not hold the record for strikeouts in a game. Roger Clemens and Kerry Wood are tied for the record with 20.

How many perfect games have been pitched by Nolan Ryan?

Despite pitching 7 no-hitters, Nolan Ryan never pitched a perfect game.

Who had the most hits off Nolan Ryan in one game?

Robin Ventura. I wonder: does that include the six hits he got off of Ryan...while in a headlock?

How many times did nolan Ryan win 20 games?

Nolan Ryan Had two 20 game seasons in his career. 1973, and 1974 with the California Angels.

Who is the only Yankee to pitch a perfect game as a Texas ranger?

Nolan Ryan

How can you get an autograph from Nolan Ryan?

They sell it at baseball stores, or you can go to the rangers dugout 3 hours before the game and he will most likely be there.

How old was Nolan Ryan when he retired from baseball?

Nolan Ryan was born on January 31, 1947. He played his last game on September 22, 1993. He was 46 years old when he retired.

What pitcher holds the record for hitting consecutive home runs in a game?

nolan Ryan

Most pitches thrown in a game?

683 pitches is the most thrown a pitcher lol

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