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Q: Is track better than baseball
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Is baseball better than track?

Absolutely! there is a future in baseball if you are good enough.

Why is track better than hockey?

because track gives you more energetic than hockey because track can give you more muscles and stay in better shape and hockey gives you strong muscles.

What is a better sport Track and field or baseball?

The answer depends on the person who is answering it. In my honest opinion, I believe that track & field is a better sport because you get more exercise. But baseball is more entertaining for me. Hope that helps!

Is baseball harder than track?

Baseball requires a lot more thinking and skill than track because you work with and rely on a team to win. Baseball requires learning more skill sets than track and allows a merely good athlete to do well. Track, once you learn the basics, depends more on athletic ability and athletic training than skill.

Are you better than me at baseball?


Why is baseball better than football?

It is what it is.

Crouch start races in track and field?

it is better than thestanding start

Is the Nordic track elliptical that much better than a regular treadmill?

Yes they say the Nordic track elliptical is better then the regular treadmill. Which I believe is true as it is more then than a regular treadmill and has many upgrades on it. Here is a site to checkout on this

Is trans Jans sport bookbags better than track bookbag?

jans sport is better. but targus is pro.

Soccer is better than baseball?


Is baseball better than football?


How football is better than baseball?

it's not baseball is better but football still rocks but baseball still has that something soon football and baseball may have another answer

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