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Equal for highschool, more pro for male, more coverage of male sports

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Q: Is there more male sports opportunities or female?
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Who gets paid more between male and female in sports?

Usually it'll be the Male side, be it Association Football, Golf, Tennis, Badminton or whatever. However, there are bound to be some exceptions... Very few exceptions, though.

Why are Men's Sports so much More Popular than Women's?

It may sound sexist, but for the most part male athletes are stronger, quicker and more athletic when compared directly to women. Relative to their individual sexes female athletes are certainly very talented and display huge amounts of athleticism. Unfortunately for female athletes their bodies let them down when compared directly with men. Due to male body type, male sports tend to be played at a faster tempo and greater physicality is displayed when put side by side with women's sport. This it more interesting for spectators, allowing the male sports to gain greater popularity. As a result more money and promotion surround male sports. Although side by side comparisons are unfair in this circumstance, it inevitable when talking about spectator popularity. However, nobody can help but admire the huge amounts of talent, dedication, skill and athleticism female athletes display.

Who earns more out of a sports psychologist or a sports scientist?

Your mom earns more

Why do some sports receive more media coverage then others?

Some sports receive more media than other sports because they are more popular and have a larger fan base.

Why women are treated inferior in sports?

they lack physical fitness and potential that men do, not being sexist and I'm not talking about girls on roids either, an average male and an average female compared to each other in something as far as physical tasks go, well the man usually does better due to millenniums of trying to be the dominant male to get girls to like them. obviously there are alot of cases where this is false. anyone can train themselves and work out to increase there physical potential, but seeing as how the starting base is men>female when it comes to sports if both of them work out the men still come out on top. like i said there's a lot of cases where this isn't true and i don't mean to offend anyone by saying this. as Daniel tosh said,"women may be just as good at sports as men, but as long as they're hitting bigger balls and swinging from shorter tee's we'll never know" and i find that to be true, if women want to be taken more seriously when it comes to sports then play "manly" sports, like football, hockey (coed with out desiring special treatment) and baseball instead of softball. the only two sports i can think of that both sexes play with the same rules and distances is tennis and soccer, oh and maybe basketball idk. being the dominant male to impress the female is the same with every mammal in the world for a realllly long time, it's natural selection and it's not just with humans, and not just with sports either. if you don't want special treatment, no ones stopping you from trying to up the ante a bit with other sports.

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