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Oh yes!!!!! There certainly is figure skating in the Olympics!!! There is mens and ladies singles, pairs, and ice dancing(which involves a man and a woman)! Some notable Olympic competitors are Sarah Hughes(USA) Gold 2002, Tara Lipinski(USA) Gold '98, Alexei(RUS) Gold 2002, Brian Boitano(USA) Gold '88, Jaime Sale and David Pelletier(CAN) and Elena Berezhnaya (RUS) Anton Sikharulidze (RUS) shared the gold medal in 2002 during a judging scandal.

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Q: Is figure skating in the Olympics?
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Which of these sports has a long program as part of the Winter Olympics?

figure skating (:

When did ice skating start being played in the Olympics?

Figure Skating started being played in 1924 in the Winter Olympics.

Who was the 1994 Winter Olympics gold medalist for the women's figure skating?

Oksana Baiul from Ukraine.

What is the hottest Olympic sport?

It depends on your opinion. Apparently, the top 3 for both type of the Olympics are as they are below: Winter Olympics #1: Women`s Figure Skating #2: Half Pipe #3: Pair Figure Skating Summer Olympics #1: Men`s Swimming #2: Men`s Running #3: Women`s Swimming I see a pattern in that. Anyway I`ve researched and now can show a few more details. Percentage of Women watching Winter Olympics: 82% Percentage of Women watching Summer Olympics: 84% Percentage of Men watching Winter Olympics: 73% Percentage of Men watching Summer Olympics: 64% Percentage of Girls watching Winter Olympics: 45% Percentage of Girls watching Summer Olympics: 11% Percentage of Boys watching Winter Olympics: 27% Percentage of Boys watching Summer Olympics: 36% Winter Olympics are more popular, and so that means Women`s Figure Skating is the hottest Olympic sport. After comparing this all to that all, I`ve noticed what is most popular. But most popular->hottest, so it`s "hottest", as some people say. I, myself, prefer Pair Figure Skating, but people can think what they want. Luge->not as popular as->mens figure skating->not as popular as->womens figure skating Pair Figure skating falls in about 4th place for Winter Olympics. Luge is about 7th though.

Ice skating rules?

are ice skating and figure skating the same.

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