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The foul Pole is to aide the umpire in determining if a Baseball hit is fair or foul. The Foul pole is in fair territory, so if the ball hits the pole it is a fair ball, and would count as a home run. If it misses the pole outside of the playing field it is a foul ball (out of play) This is why it is called a 'Foul Pole" It could have been called a Fair Pole as it is in fair territory, but the powers that be decided on "Foul Pole" and "Foul Line"

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2009-04-25 21:44:52
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Q: In baseball why is the foul pole called a foul pole?
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Explain fair is foul and foul is fair?

This rule describes when the baseball strikes the foul pole. Despite being called the foul pole, the ball is always fair, if it hits the foul pole.

Is the pole in the outfield called the foul pole or fair post in baseball?

It probably should be called the fair pole, since balls that hit it are fair. However it's called the foul pole.

In baseball why is it called a foul pole if it is in fair territory?

good question. i have no clue

If a ball hits the foul pole in baseball is it a home run?

Its called POLEDANCE -.-

Is it a home run if the baseball hits the foul pole?

Yes, it is a home run if the baseball hits the foul pole.

What are the exact measurements from foul pole to foul pole on a baseball field?

it is different for every field

Why is a foul not called a fair pole?

the home run pole

How far is it from one baseball foul pole to the other?


If a baseball hits the foul line post and is caught what happens?

Once a baseball hits the foul pole, it's a home run regardless of where it goes.

What happens when a fly ball hits the Foul pole?

Foul poles are poles that are placed vertically on a baseball field. They mark the areas where an umpire must look when determining if a ball is foul or fair. If a ball hits the foul pole, it is considered to be fair, and thus a home run.

In baseball how many fouls can you do before you are called out?

In baseball there is a 4 foul streak before you are out and if you catch a foul, you are out.

Baseball field foul pole color code?

yellow, so the white ball can be seen.

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