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That depends on the circumstance on what happens with a tied game. If it's a Spring Training game then the game just ends when both teams can no longer continue with their pitchers since Spring Training games are nothing more than Exhibition games to get their Pitchers' stamina built up for the Regular Season.

If a tied game is an official game during the Regular Season but then is called then it will resume the following day at the exact point in which it was called at.

If a tied game is called and it's not an official game then the whole game will be made up at a later date.

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Q: If the baseball game is tied what happens?
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What happens at the end of the ninth inning if its tied baseball?

If the game can safely continue, the top of the 10th inning begins. And they keep on playing baseball till someone wins the game.

What happens if a curling game is tied?

you play another end

What happens in tennis when you score two times after the game is tied 40-40?

You win that game !

What happens if the score is tied at the end of a basketball game?

the game goes to a 5 minute overtime

Can there be 12 innings in a baseball game?

Yes if it is tied after 9 innings.

What happens when a game is tied in curling?

The teams will play extra ends until there is a winner.

What happens when a curling game is tied?

The teams will play extra ends until there is a winner.

What does a tied ball game goes into-------- innings?

i think it means baseball innings

How late can baseball game play?

It can go on forever so long as the game is tied and everyone is playing

What is the rubber game mean in baseball?

It is the last game of a series, when both baseball teams split the previous games. For example, if the series is tied 1-1, the third game would be the rubber game.

What is the amount of innings?

There is a total of nine innings in a game of baseball. However, if the game is tied at the end of nine innings, then the game can go into extra innings.

In baseball in case of a tied game what are the rules to determine the winner?

If at the end of 9 innings the score is tied, the game moves into "extra innings". The ruling is that it is played like all the rest of the game, and at the end of the inning, the team who is now winning wins the game, but if the score is still tied then an additional inning is played..ect.

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