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Media coverage has an enormous affect on sport. Without the media sport wouldn't be what it is today. Whether this is good or bad I cannot say.

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2009-12-01 14:21:36
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Q: How much does media effect sport?
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Does the media put too much emphasis on sport?


Who is really in charge sport or the media?

Sport is in charge in really

How has the media influenced sport and how does sponsorships affect the game?

media n

Though what media is sport covered in in South Africa?

through what media is sport covered in south Africa - top 5 list

How does media changed sport?

chesse and ben

How do you reduce effect of media on youth?

There are various ways to reduce the effect of media on youth. Giving them total blackout will not work. However you can find positive media that will dilute the effects of negative media.

Do media have effect on your socialization?


The media will always have a positive effect on sport?

Media does have a positive effect on sport on and off the pitch, either it be through marketing, generating funds for charities, organisations etc. Generating awareness for illnesses, problems in the community etc. and other aspects such as, Sportspeople as hero's, the well being of a community, camaraderie in the community etc. BUT, media also has a very negative impact, In cycling the media covers the drug scandals and thus negatively impacting the sport and how people perceive those athlete's, same with athletes being involved with socially inappropriate activities, such as drug use, violent crimes, cheating, match fixing etc. it damages the sport, the organisations, the athlete the sponsors equity etc. and people don't want to relate with someone like that. But the media plays a bigger positive role than negative role

How can social life effect sport?

By having social life, you no no do sport :'(

Which sport has been pressured by media?

Snooker most recently.

Why does race have an effect in sport?

It doesn't.

How sports personalities are portrayed by the media discuss FIVE recommendations to the media on how these challenges can be addressed?

The media should consult sport personalities before portraying anything about them Access to specific information about sport personalities should be restricted

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