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The women's shot weighs 8.8 lb (4kg), and the men's shot weighs 16.01 lb (7.260 kg)

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Q: How much does a women's shot put weight in the Olympics?
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How much does a womens olympic shot put weigh?

The women's shot put event has been part of the Olympics since 1948. The shot put used in women's competitions weighs 8.8 lbs.

What is the weight of shot put for Senior Olympics?

6 lbs

Weight of shot put for senior Olympics?

12 lbs

How much does a womens shot put weigh?

4 kg.

How much does a womens shotput weigh?

At what level/age? In many states in the US, girls middle school uses a 6 lb shot put, beginning in the 9th grade, girls us a 4 kilo or 8.8 lb, and that weight goes all the way through to the Olympics.

Who is the womens olympic record holder for shot put?

Ilona Schoknecht-Slupianek GDR in 1980, with 22.41 meters at the Moscow Olympics

How heavy is a womens shot put?

The regulation weight is 8 lbs, but some women like the challenge of using a 12 lb. shot. The right weight is 8.8 pounds or 4 quilograms !

What is the weight of the shot in the Olympics shot put?

The men's shot weighs 7.26 kilograms (16 pounds) and the women's shot weighs 4 kilograms (8.8 pounds).

How much does a man's shot put weigh in the Olympics?


How many gold metals did new Zealand win in Beijing Olympics in 2008?

New Zealand won 3 gold medals at Beijing in 2008 * Womens double sculls * Womens shot put * mens sailboard

Weight of the shot in the Olympics shot put?

The weight of the ball Olympians use during the shot put event has a weight of 7.260 kg(16.01 lb) for men and 4 kg(8.8 lb) for women.Shot put competitions have been held at the modern Summer Olympic Games since their inception in 1896.

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