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you take 10 steps before you bounce the ball in an AFL game or about 10 meteres.

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Q: How many steps do you take before you have to bounce the ball in AFL?
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In AFL how many steps are you allowed before you must bounce the ball?

no more than 15

How many times can a tennis ball bounce before it being a fault?

It can bounce once, after the second bounce its a fault.

How many times can a ball bounce after leaving the bowlers hand?

as many times as he wants! But legally, it can bounce up to TWO times before it is a no-ball

In Gaelic can you bounce the ball?

Yes, but not twice in succession. While running with the ball you can kick it to your hands, drop it towards your foot and kick it back to your hands. This is called a solo run. You can do that as many times in a row as you like. You are meant to do it at least every 4 steps taken. You can bounce the ball while running, but you must kick it to your hands again at least once, before bouncing it again. So you cannot run basketball style bouncing (you can bounce the ball up to 10 times basketball style but you must not hold the ball between bounces, you then must take a solo before you bounce the ball again) , or you cannot run holding onto the ball, rugby style.

How many steps do you get in basketball after you pick ball up before it's considered travel?

three steps

How many times may the ball bounce in your court of tennis?

1 bounce

How many times does a tennis ball bounce before it stops bouncing from different heights?

It bounces 134 times before it stops.

How many times shall a dropped ball bounce before it is in play during a soccer match?

Really if it was a dropped ball it should only bounce once and then the soccer players kick it to win possession for there team.

How many bounces does it take for a tennis ball to lose its bounce?

it depends on how high you bounce it

How many times can a cricket ball bounce in a bowl?

Law 24-6 indicates that a ball musn't bounce more than twice, so it can bounce at most 2 times.

How many times will a ball bounce?

It depends what height you drop the ball and what surface the ball is being dropped on.

How many bounces will it take for a tennis ball to lose its bounce?

its starts loosing bounce as soon as the can is opened

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