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The Georgia Bulldogs have won 26 National Titles.

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Q: How many national titles have Georgia won as a school in all sports?
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Which ncaa school has the most national championship titles in college sports?

Ucla (UCLA)

How many national titles has Arkansas won in all sports?

5 national titles.

How many national titles has the university of florid won in all sports?

27 national titles

How many national titles does universty of Georgia have?

They have had 4

How many national championships does USC have in all sports?

The Mens have 91 National Titles and the Womens have 23. Together they have 114 national titles

Which high school football team has won more games than any other?

Valdosta High School Valdosta, Georgia 608 wins 134 losses and 9 ties 24 state titles 34 region titles 6 national titles

What school has won national titles in both men's and women's soccer in the same year?

Only one school has won both men's and women's national soccer titles in the same year, and that school has done it not once, but three separate times. The school is Messiah College, and their men's and women's soccer squads have won their respective NCAA Division III titles in 2009, 2008, and 2002.The Messiah men's team also won national titles in 2006, 2005, 2004, and 2000.Sources:

How many national titles does the university of Georgia have in football?

2 1980, 1942

What high school has the most national titles?


How many national titles does Tennessee have in all sports?

None cos there rubbish

How many total national titles does the University of Kentucky have in all sports?


How many national titles has the Georgia bulldogs have?

They won 2 champoinships.In 1940 and in 1980.

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