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6 NCAA Team Championships (and more counting individual championships in Track/Field, Womens Rowing, etc)

1 - Football

1 - Golf

2 - Soccer

2 - Track & Field

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Q: How many national championships has Clemson university won in any sport?
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Did the University of Oklahoma win a National Championship in any sport in 2010 and if so what sport?

The University of Oklahoma did not win any national championships in 2010. The last time a sport at the university won a national championship was the 2008 gymnastics team.

Who won the most national championships in a row?

in what sport

What NCAA school has the most and most consecutive national championships in one one sport?

The most national championships in any one sport:31 NCAA national titles - Kenyon College - Men's Swimming and Diving.The most consecutive national championships in any one sport:31 consecutive national championships - 1980 thru 2010 - by Kenyon Collegein Men's Swimming and Diving

What university has the most division 1 championships in one sport?


College with the most national championships?

Depends on which sport or sports you are asking about.

What is Korea National Sport University's motto?

The motto of Korea National Sport University is 'Truth, Sacrifice, Creation'.

What NCAA school has the most Div 1 national championships in one sport?

USC Trojans have 26 National Championships in Mens Track and Field.

What D1 conference has won the most major sport national championships?

the SEC

Would you rather play a sport for South Carolina or Clemson?

Depends What sport if it's football or baseball Clemson

What school has won the most national championships in the same sport?

Oklahoma state universtiy

Which college coach has the most national championships in any sport?

Coach McDonnell to retire after earning 42 national titles

Who has won the most football national championships?

The college football national championship is the highest team award in the sport. The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame has won the most championships in history.

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