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under my calculations, 72 in each league

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Q: How many football head injuries happen each year?
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What are some of the most famous football injuries?

Some of the most common football injuries are to the hands, head, legs and back. When you catch a ball you may not do it properly, causing injuries to your hands. Head and back injuries can come from tackles, as well as some leg injuries.

What sport causes the most head injuries?

That would obviously be Football (:

How football helmets prevent injuries?

so ur head doesnt get destroyed

How many injuries are there in the NHL?

The amount of injuries that happen in the NHL varies greatly. The most common injuries that happen in the NHL are of the groin, ankle, knee, head, wrist, and face.

What symptoms can happen from head injuries?

you can fart brownies and you turn gay

Can the national football league do more to protect player from head injuries?

yes.... because they can add more custion to the helments and donthit head to head

Why Illnesses and Injuries are associated with sports participation in football?

Athletes that participate in football can suffer from traumatic head and knee injuries, concussions, and broken bones. This occurs because football is a contact sport and athletes often get hit while playing.

Injuries in football?

Roughly every player gets hurt, like knee injury, ankle injury, groin injury , head injury and hamstring are common injuries.

When was Head Injuries created?

Head Injuries was created in 1979-07.

What are the injuries caused from speeding?

lots of injuries for an example braindamage, if two cars crash each other and you the driver, you can bang your head on the steering wheel.

How does football help a student physically and what are the chances of getting head and spine injuries in football?

Okay it helps them Physically because they have to study plays , discipline, workout, self esteem, etc. The chances of Head and Spine injuries are 10% chance for spine and 15% chance for a head injurie ( Not serious tho). The %'s could be off so dont count on them.

Does playing football cause memory loss?

Possibly. Some head injuries, including certain ones received while playing football, could result in memory loss.

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