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4.5 million air Jordan shoes were sold says Micheal Jordan on his wesite.

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Q: How many Air Jordan shoes were sold in 2008?
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How many Jordan shoes are sold each year?

How many Jordan shoes have been sold. How many Converse have been sold...

How many pairs of Jordan has Michael Jordan sold?

59687412365 pairs of shoes 59687412365 pairs of shoes

How many Jordan shoes are sold per year?


How many pairs of shoes has Michael Jordan sold?

59687412365 pairs of shoes 59687412365 pairs of shoes

Where are Jordan shoes retailed?

Jordan shoes would only be sold at retailers who sell the Nike brand. Michael Jordan teamed up with the Nike brand many years ago, and Nike designs and manufactures all the shoes made with his name on them.

How much did Jordan make selling shoes?

he made 10 million bucks on shoes that he sold

Where are air Jordans sold?

Air Jordan shoes were sold on online more cheaper than shop

How many shoes has Adidas sold?

9.5 billion shoes sold in 2006

Where are Jordan Retro shoes sold?

They can be purchased on eBay or to guarantee their authenticity they can be purchased on the Nike online store or from a local shoe store's website. There are many websites selling fake Jordan shoes which should be avoided entirely if you don't want to get scammed.

How much and where is the most valuable Michael Jordan running shoe?

Michael Jordan designs his shoes and they're sold in a myriad of different stores. It is hard to say the most expensive because there are so many different types and stores they're sold in.

How many shoes has FUBU sold?

too many

Can Air Jordan shoes from China's wholesale be sold in Flea markets legally?

No, they are faux and illegal and subject to seizure.

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