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The NBA paint has the dimensions 12ft by 19 ft.

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Q: How large is the NBA paint?
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Can you take three steps in the paint of the NBA?


Nba points in the paint leaders 2010?

Dwight Howard

What team allowed the most points in the paint nba?

The Charlotte Bobcats, at 48.3 ppg given up in the paint. source:

Can you use paint thinner to remove paint from wood?

No. It will no remove paint. Lacquer thinner will, but not effectively if there is a large amount. You will scrub and scrub. You need a thick paste or gel (paint stripper) to remove heavy paint or paint in a large area.

How long a player of the NBA can stand in the paint gurading area?

An NBA player on the offensive team can stand in the paint for a maximum of three seconds, otherwise the ball is turned over to the opposing team. An NBA player on the defensive team also cannot stay in the paint for more than three seconds, unless he's guarding his opponent.

How wide is the paint in on a basketball court?

It depends on which basketball court you are talking about. The NBA and FIBA paint is 16 feet wide. The NCAA paint is 12 feet wide.

What was the tools of Pollock to his painting?

He pu a large canvas on the floor, dipped large brushes in paint and splattered the paint on to the canvas.

How many gallons of candy paint to paint a large car?

1 gallon will be plenty.

Who leads the NBA in points in the paint?

It's probably Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Wilt Chamberlain.

How do you do a alley oop in NBA 2K11 for psp?

hold L and R then press X but they have to be in the paint

Why did pollock paint on the floor?

Because used large canvases and splattered paint on them with big brushes.

Why did Jackson Pollock paint on the floor?

Because used large canvases and splattered paint on them with big brushes.

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