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Q: How is maths applied to sport when playing any sport?
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Why is swimming the best sport maths wise?

In terms of maths, there is no particular sport that is - in any way - better or worse than another.

Why playing sport keeps kids out of trouble?

Because they can't cause any trouble while they're playing the sport.

When should you not wear a wrist strap?

When you are playing any type of sport.

What is the nickname Aussies associated with in sport?

It is applied to any Australian sports team including Rugby and cricket

Is playing airsoft considered a job?

Not in any way. It is a hobby and possibly a sport.

Is there any advantages to chewing gum while playing sports?

there is no advantages to chewing gum while playing sport

Why does Kieron Barwick even bother playing sport?

because he is extremely large! its pretty much pointless playing any sport he should stick to a tread- mill the silo!

Is tennis a lethal sport?

No, tennis is not a lethal sport. There is no physical contact in the sport and any death that would occur while playing the sport can probably be attributed to a health issue of some kind.

What are disadvantages of playing an individual sport?

You dont have any team members to help you. You have more pressure on you when you are playing. And it is just harder.

Any topic for maths project of class 9?

history of maths

If you score a hat trick what sport are you playing?

Your are playing any of the following sports, cricket,football,water polo,hockey,basketball.

What sport did Alexander the great play as a child?

He was more into war then really playing any sports

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