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Evolved and improved right down to tactics, player ability, and equipment/kits used

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Q: How have sports changed since they were first created?
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Since the first Olympics has any of the sports changed?

hi how WA doing

How has sports tourism changed since 1945?


Have the sports in the Olympics ever changed since it was first played?

sure such as the allowing of woman to participate in the mid 20th century

How have bifocals changed since they were first invented?

The bifocals have changed alot since they were first invented. They have changed into different sizes, shapes and forms. They had also changed into sunglasses.:)

How have sports changed since ancient Athens?

Many sports have changed since the ancient Athens but the sport that is still played today from the Athens is basketball. Believe it or not, a similar sport to basketball was played during the Athens.

How has it changed since it was first invented?

no they have not

How has gymnastics changed since it was first invented?

Nothing's changed

What changes in equipment used have happend since basketball was first created?

i know the rims and type of ball have changed

How have games changed since the 1900?

of course games have changed since the 1900. Sports have become more orgainized and better understood by one. Some of the sports that where played back then have the same names but are actually played somewhat different.

How has radium changed since it was first discovered?

Radium was not changed ! It is impossible.

When was the sport cricket made and who did?

The English created the sport. It was first played in th 1600's but since then, it has changed a bit

Has the Campbell soup can cover changed?

No, it hasn't changed since it was first made.

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