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Q: How has the media influenced sport and how does sponsorships affect the game?
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How much does media effect sport?

Media coverage has an enormous affect on sport. Without the media sport wouldn't be what it is today. Whether this is good or bad I cannot say.

How does the media affect sports?

The media affects sports in all different ways. They affect how we view the sport and the individuals that participate in the sport. The media adds on pressure to the beings competing in sports, however they also are a major reason sports are so popular by the constant attention the media gives to the sports world.

Does violent sports affect children?

yes it does because if a child plays the sport he will get influenced and do violent things

What is the salary of a weight lifter?

Nothing it's an amatuer sport. You might make some money through sponsorships.

Who is really in charge sport or the media?

Sport is in charge in really

Though what media is sport covered in in South Africa?

through what media is sport covered in south Africa - top 5 list

How the American influenced the filipino?


How does media changed sport?

chesse and ben

How has the media's portrayal of sport icons like David Beckham influenced the British public's perception of them?

This answer could be an essay. It could go in a lot of different directions. The short answer is that the media's portrayal has a huge impact on how sports stars (or any celebrity or public figure in the media) are perceived by the public. In most cases, the only information you get about someone is through the media. Unless you know the star personally, that is almost certainly the case. Therefore, public perception of these figures is 100% influenced by the media. Of course, "the media" is not one monolithic entity. There is competition in the media just like in other areas, at least in a free society.

Does religion affect sport?

religion affects sport

Does the media put too much emphasis on sport?


How does a heart attack affect you when playing sport?

well, a heart attack can affect you in sport because of your face.

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