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it's not Baseball is better but football still rocks but baseball still has that something soon football and baseball may have another answer

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Q: How football is better than baseball?
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Why is baseball better than football?

It is what it is.

Whats better baseball or football?

Football is more popular than baseball by like 20%.

Is football a better sport than baseball?

It depends on your opinion.

What is better baseball or football?

Baseball takes more talent in my mind than Football by a long shot!

Who is better football or baseball?

If you mean "Which is better, football or baseball," it's a personal question. For me, I like Baseball better.

Is football better than baseball?

This is a subjective matter of opinion. There is no way of objectively proving that one sport is better than another.

Which is better fishing or football?

fishing is better than football

Why can you throw a baseball farther than a football?

Because a baseball is much lighter than a football !

What sport did Bo Jackson like better Football or Baseball?


Who is better than Spain in football?

no one is better than Spain

Is baseball more populare than football?

yes football is more popular most of the top viewed shows in history have been Superbowls

Is a wet football better to throw than a dry football?