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Michael phelps haha

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Q: How did blood doping start?
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When was blood doping banned?

June 17, 1985 The United States Olympic Committee unanimously passed a resolution outlawing the practice of ''blood doping.''

What are examples of blood doping?

Blood doping is a process in which a syringe of blood is removed from the body and stored in refrigeration. After the body has replaced the blood in a week or 2, the syringe of blood is reintroduced into the body just before a competition or sporting event. This gives the athlete boosted stamina and strength. The excess blood is soon reabsorbed into the body, so the effects are only good for a day maybe 2. This process is dangerous if not done by a trained doctor or phlebotomist. I dont recommend it be attempted by the average athlete. Blood doping is also known as "blood packing".

What is blood doping?

"Blood Doping" is when an athlete removes about a quart of their own blood and freezes it so it doesn't die. Once the blood has grown back into the body the extracted blood is put back in, giving the athlete more red blood cells to carry oxygen to the muscles. This also results in more carbon dioxide being removed from the blood, giving the athlete more energy and stamina.

Definition for doping in sports?

doping in sports is the illegal use of drug that is use by atleles

Why is blood doping banned?

because its dangerous it's not only dangerous but can also cause harm to the body.. and it's an another way of cheating!!..that why it has been banned!!!

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