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High school Baseball substitution rule is similar to the national basement. Each team is allowed to substitute any player as long as the ball is dead.?æ

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Q: High school baseball substitution rule
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What is the high school mercy rule in baseball?

The high school mercy rule in baseball says that if 5 innings occurred and a team is ahead by 10 runs, the game is over. A mercy rule is used so that one team doesnÃ?t feel humiliated by a loss.

What is minimum dimension from home plate to the backstop in High School Baseball?

That would be determined by league rule according to the league the high school plays in.

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What is the inning does a game becomes a mercy game in baseball?

there is no mercy rule in the MLB. in Junior High baseball it is the 5 inning. It is also the 5 inning for high school

Can you use a fist baseman's glove in the outfield in high school baseball?

their is no rule that says you have cant but i wouldn't recommend it

After full count is there a rule about four foul balls batter is called out?

Not in high school or college or MLB. There could be local slowpitch softball leagues that have a rule like that but there is no such rule in baseball.

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What are the substitution rules for Major League Baseball?

That's a pretty vague question. There are numerous rules pertaining to offensive and defensive substitutions, and they vary between the American and National leagues (mainly because of the DH rule). Most of the substitution protocols are covered in rule 3.

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