Famous French sportsmen

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Frank Ribery

Karim Benzema

Thierry Henry




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Q: Famous French sportsmen
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Who is the famous sports men of France?

In basketball, Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, and Mickeal Pietrus are famous. In tennis, Gael Monfils is famous. There are many high-profile and famous French sportsmen.

Who are all the french sportsmen?

It is impossible to name them all.

Why were Socrates and Descartes famous sportsmen in Ancient Greece?

Socrates lived in Ancient Greece but was a philosopher and teacher, not a sportsman. Descartes was a French philosopher who lived in the 1600's. He was no sportsman either.

What sport is a babolat used for?

Babolat is a French sports equipment manufacturer that produces strings and tennis racquets for tennis, badminton and squash. Famous sportsmen like Roddick, Nadal or Clijsters use their racquets.

What are the French famous for?

French people are mostly famous for their cheese and wine!

What do French people say about famous French people?

My God!! they're famous!!

How do you spell famous in french?

famous -- célèbre

What is the french work for famous?

safe to assume you meant "word" and not "work"? célèbre the french for ' work for famous'= travaux de célèbres the french word for 'famous'= célèbres

What are famous French shoes?

The most famous designer of French shoes is Christian Louboutin. He has a line of shoes popular with French women.

Who is French and famous?

all the french football players

Which french coastal town is famous for hosting the french filim frestival?

Which French coastal town is famous for hosting a French Film Festival? The answer must be Cannes.

What was Henri Rousseau famous for?

a famous french painter

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