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No, only varsity does

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Q: Does junior varsity sports have playoffs?
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Does college have junior varsity and varsity sports teams?


What do the letters jv mean on NFL footballs?

junior varsity junior varsity junior varsity

When was The Junior Varsity created?

The Junior Varsity was created in 2002.

When did The Junior Varsity end?

The Junior Varsity ended in 2007.

Is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going to the playoffs?

Well you have to be better than a junior high school junior varsity team to end up there so I would say NO

Do junior varsity cheerleaders get to travel?

This all depends on your school and what your sports administration has decided. Most the times traveling is left for the varsity team.

How many years can you play high school sports?

Typically you play high school sports for 4 years, unless you are pulled up to Junior varsity or varsity in 8th grade.

What are some words start with JV?

unless you are talking about JV (junior varsity) sports, none

When was Junior Varsity - EP - created?

Junior Varsity - EP - was created in 2000.

Can a football varsity player also play junior varsity?

No. A football player can only be on the junior varsity (JV) team *OR* the varsity team.Unless they get bumped down

What are the levels that you play at in volleyball?

freshmen, JV (junior varsity), Varsity varsity is the highest

Can a cheerleader be both varsity and junior varsity?

no, for school cheer leading you are only able to be on one team at a time. varsity is for older, better cheer athletes while junior varsity is for younger.