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Q: Does a wiffle ball bat hit farther than a wood or aluminum bat?
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Will a wooden bat hit a ball farther than a aluminum bat?


Why does a lacross a lacrosse ball bounce higher than a wiffle ball?

because it is made of rubber, and a wiffle ball is hollow plastic.

Why are little league kids hitting the ball farther than when you played?

Aluminum bats.

What type of baseball bat will make the ball go farther a wooden bat or an aluminum bat and why?

The aluminum bat would go farther than the wooden bat. It will go farther because the aluminum bat is much lighter than the wooden bat.

Will a wooden bat hit a ball farther than a metal or aluminum bat?

No, why do you think they use wood in the major leagues you idiot

Wood bat versus aluminum bat?

Aluminum bats last longer and the ball flies farther. These days you can get an aluminum bat for less than $50. It's not as good as the higher end bats ($199+), but it's better than wood. Go with aluminum.

Why do composite bats hit farther than aluminum?

The composite bats have a trampoline like affect that give the ball more distance. Aluminum is more stiff and has less of a trampoline affect than a composite bat would.

Can you hit a baseball further with a wood or aluminum bat?

With an aluminum bat the ball travels farther than with a wooden bat the metal bat also has a larger exit speed witch is why it's illegal in the MLB.

Why do aluminum baseball bats hit baseballs farther than wooden ones?

wood bats are made of wood which is able to hit softly but aluminum is made of metal and it can hit the ball harder because of its mass.

Does freezing a softball make it go farther?

Yes it does. Will a hard compression ball go farther than a softer one? The harder the ball the farther it will travel.

Does a soccer ball roll farther than a basketball in grass?

soccer ball

What flies farther a paper airplane or an aluminum airplane?

paper i think paper i think it's paper it's way lighter than aluminum so it will go farther

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