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the more holes in a parachut the less resistance the parachute causes so the more speed the parachuter can pick up causing him to travle at a faster speed with more holes in his parachute

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Q: Do holes in a parachute affect its speed?
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Does the amount of holes in a parachute affect the speed it travels?

yes, if the parachute has holes then it might go slow to were it's traveling

Does the size of the hole in the parachute affect its preformence?

If the hole is bigger the parachute speed will decrease

What doesn't affect rate of descent for a parachute?

The price of coffee at Walmart doesn't affect the descent of a parachute. Maybe better to ask what does affect the speed of descent. Those would be suspended weight, area of the parachute, design of the parachute, and air density.

Does the size of a parachute affect its speed?

yes it does-the bigger it is the more air resistance it is trapping

How does a parachute's material affect the speed at which it falls?

it will start to change as the material gets thicker

What design factors affect the speed of descent of a parachute?

surface area of the parachute will affect the decent. eg large parachute's catch more air. also the shape of the parachute, more of an arc the less air it will catch do. the best paracute is a round one for air however they are terrible for steering.

How does the surface area of a parachute affect the speed it falls at?

The surface area of a parachute can be different sizes and weights. If the surface is smooth then the you will fall faster because the texture is smooth and the air will slip by it. if it is rough then it will be slower because the the air will come into the parachute slower.

What design factors affect the stability of a parachute?

Parachutist weight. Gravity. Wind flow. Landing speed. Jump height. Weather.

Is the speed of light effected by black holes?

Nope.. Light always travels at the same speed. However, black holes do affect the trajectory of the photons, hense diverting the direction of the light.

How does size affect the speed of a falling parachute?

The larger the size of the parachute the more air resistance is caused because its larger surface traps more air. Becuase there is more air resistance the larger the parachute the slower it travels to the ground. The smaller the parachute the faster it falls to the ground for the opposite reason.

Does the length of the string affect a parachute?


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