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Yes they do. That's what I've been told anyway.

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Q: Do athletes in the Olympics have to be a citizen of the country they represent?
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How do you decide what country to represent in the Olympics?

You have to a citizen of the country you represent. If you have dual citizenship, you can choose which country you want to represent. In this case, most athletes represent the country that is weaker in their sport, so they have a better chance of making it.

How many athletes represent each country that is participating in the Olympics?

well how much your mum weighs is the answer

Which country is sending the most athletes to the Beijing Olympics?

With 639 athletes, China has the most athletes in the Beijing Olympics. The country that has the most athletes that traveled to China to the Olympics would be the the US with 595 athletes.

What country has the most athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics?

The country with the most athletes competing in the 2012 Olympics is Great Britain. They have a total of 558 athletes.

How many athletes can a country send to the Olympics?

how many countries were expected to send athletes to the olympics.

What country has the least athletes at the Olympics?


How do countries determine what athletes go to the Olympics?

Each country usually has Olympic trials and or qualifiers. Then from there If u win the qualifier then u get to represent ur country.

What country has fewest athletes at 2012 Olympics?

11 nations have 2 athletes

Which country has the most athletes in the 2012 Olympics?

Great Britain does. 559 athletes.

Which country had the most athletes at lodon 2012 Olympics?

USA with 579 athletes

What country has the most athletes in the Olympics?

China 638 USA 596 athletes

How do they determine how many athletes a country can send to the Olympics?

The Olympics qualification times is usually used as an indicator of the number of athletes to send to the Olympics.

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