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Yes, if they have people who cam compete

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Q: Can any country enter the olympics?
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How do you enter the olympics for cycling?

Pretty much the same way you enter the olympics for any sport - by competing and doing well, first at a national level, then an international level.If you manage that, then there is a chance that the Olympic Committee in your country might invite you to represent your country at the Olympics.

Was Greece the last to enter the stadium at the opening ceremony for Olympics?

Greece is always the first to enter. The country that is hosting the Olympics is the last to enter

Can an individual athlete enter the Olympics or do they have to represent a country?

They have to represent the country.

What are the qualifications for a country to compete in the Olympics?

any country can do the Olympics

What is the smallest country to enter the Olympics in 2012?

the vatican city

What is the entry fee for a country to enter the Olympics?

10,000 dollars.

How do you enter the 2014 Winter Olympics?

You have to join your country's olympic athlete team. Then you can go to the olympics.

Is the football in the Olympics?

Yes. Any country may enter a football team into the Olympics, but the squad may contain only three players aged over 23.

Is the host country the last to enter the stadium in the Olympics?

yes, its a tradition.

What sports do japan enter in the Olympics?

All of them. Every country that are in the Olympics enter people in every event so they have more of a advantage of winning and getting most or the medals as a country. (i think :D)

First country and the last country to walk the opening parade in the Olympics?

The fist country to enter the arena will always be Greece because this is where the Olympics originated, the last one is the hosting country.

Has any country boycotted the Olympics?

Yes at least one country has boycotted every olympics

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