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yes . man on 3rd scores when outfielder drops easy fly ball. runner would have scored even if the ball was caught.

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Q: Can a batter that reaches base due to error get an RBI?
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If a batter reaches 1st base on an error and a runner scores because of her hit does she earn an rbi even though she received a base because of an error?

Yes, she would get an RBI, but the run would be unearned to the pitcher, since the batter who scored didn't "earn" her way on base. Generally the batter is not awarded an RBI if a runner scores when the BATTER reaches on an error, if if he hits into a double play.

Does a batter get a RBI if he gets on base by a error of a fielder?


Does the batter get an RBI if there's an error?

He could. If in the official scorers judgement, the base runner would score if the error had not occurred, then the batter can be credited with an RBI. If the error occurs, and would have been the 3rd out of the inning, then no RBI would be recorded. If the error occurs that would have put out the base runner attempting to score, then no RBI would be credited.

Are there any circumstances by which a batter that reaches base due to an error can get an RBI?

yes, for example with a runner on 3rd with less than 2 out, if he hits a ball deep enough to be a sacrifice fly but the outfielder drops it, the batter will get an RBI because he would have got one without the error

Does a batter get an RBI if he hits in a runner that got on base due to an error?


Does the batter get an RBI if he reaches on an error?

yes if a run crosses at all it is a RBI for someone This is not always true. For instance, no RBI is awarded if the batter hits into a double play, even though a run crosses.

If one gets on base by an error and scores on a hit by another batter does that batter get a RBI?

Of course. They did Bat you in to score. How you got on base to begin with doesn't matter.

Does a batter get an rbi if he reaches on error?

No, RBIs are not awarded to a batter if he ROE (reached on error) and it would be listed as an unearned run for the pitcher. An RBI can be awarded at the discretion of the scorekeeper if the scorekeeper feels the run would have scored regardless of the error. For example a runner is on 3rd base with 1 out and the batter hits a fly to deep center. The outfielder drops the fly ball allowing the batter to be awarded with a sac fly reach on error and an RBI... If there were 2 outs in this situation no RBI would be awarded. Runner on 3rd ball hit to shortstop and the shortstop boots it or throws it away and it is the scorers discretion if the run would have scored anyways on the play, if less than 2 outs. If 2 outs then no RBI

Does batter get RBI If runner he drives in got on by error?


Does a batter get credited with an RBI if he hits into an error and a run scores?


If a batter reaches base via a fielders choice is it counted as a hit?

No it counts against a players average but if a run scores it counts as an rbi.

How do you get a RBI?

An RBI, or Run Batted In, is received when a batter gets a base hit and a run comes in.

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