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aluminum bats are only used from College Baseball, to little league, they only use wood bats in the majors and all minor leagues

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Q: Baseball wood or aluminum
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Why do college baseball teams use aluminum bats?

beacuse they can't afford to buy wood bats every time the break.

Which vibrates more wood or metal bats?

Vibration in baseball bats comes from hitting the ball outside the sweet spot. Hitting the ball on the tip or handle will sting. Aluminum probably stings worse than wood but it depends on the bat, a solid aluminum will be worse than wood, but a hollow aluminum bat will be better than wood. There are many 2 piece bats on the market like the connexion by easton that are designed to prevent sting

How do aluminum bats differ from wood bats in how they interact with a baseball?

The sweet spot on an aluminum bat is way larger. A wood bat has a small area for its sweet spot, wood forces you to swing correctly. With aluminim you can take a bad swing and still hit the ball well. So wood bats are actually better to train and play with (from a devolopmental standpoint).

What minerals are in baseball bats?

Baseball bats are made from wood. White ash is the most popular wooden bats and maple bats are common also. There are also aluminum bats. Aluminim bats are made out of analloy using aluminum with other metals with aluminum/magnesium being the lastest great aluminum bat. Other alloys have been used and will keep being used as technology continues in this area

What bat is best wood or aluminum?

well all depends on the person like if you are all about hitting it far use wood. But on the other hand if you are about just hitting the ball then you aluminum and it also depends on if you play for a league or not.

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Are wood baseball bats harder than aluminum baseball bats?


Can you hit a baseball with a wood or aluminum bat?

Both are used.

What is inside a baseball bat?

Wood bats are solid...wood. Aluminum and composite bats are hollow.

Which metal is used for making baseball bats?

Baseball bats generally made from wood or metal. Metal baseball bats are usually made of aluminum or an aluminum alloy.

What baseball bat hits the farthest wood or aluminum?

aluminum because it absorbs the ball and wood bends with the ball.This is kinda funny because we just did an expirent in sciene on this. we got the aluminum because some wood bats have week spots

What element is found in baseball bats?

Baseball bats are often made of aluminum, a lightweight, relatively cheap metal.

Can you hit a baseball better with a wooden bat or an aluminum bat?

You can hit a baseball better with an aluminum bat because it has more pop than a wood bat has. Also aluminum bats are lighter than wood bats. This is why coaches recommend aluminum bats over wood bats. For more information go to: Little ------------------ Amateurs can hit it farther, yes.

Why are cooking pans made of aluminum not of wood?

Wood can be burned while aluminum can't. Aluminum is also easier to clean than wood, and has non stick properties. The durability of aluminum exceeds wood.

Where can I purchase baseball bats?

Bats can be purchased at a sporting good shop. Either wood or aluminum.

Why does an aluminum bat hit a baseball farther than a wooden bat?

One difference is the sweet spot size. On a wood bat the sweet spot is about 3 inches. On an aluminum bat it is about doubled. Another reason is that the way wood bats are made, they don't get as much pop as an aluminum. I personally like swinging wood more aluminum because you have to swing harder with wood, which would eventually allow you to hit the ball farther with aluminum.

What is bat outer covering?

wooden baseball bat is wood, aluminum baseball bat is aluminium, flying bats are covered in fur.

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