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A Baseball "diamond" is in fact not actually a diamond. It is a square with 90 foot sides, for a perimeter of 360 feet and an area of 8100 square feet.

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Q: Baseball diamond size
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What is the size of a baseball diamond?

The dimensions of a major league baseball diamond are 90 feet from base to base. The distance from home plate to the pitchers mound is 60 feet and 6 inches.

Is diamond heavy for its size?

The specific gravity of diamond is 3.5, which is above average, so yes, a diamond is heavy for its size.

How much an diamond weight?

depends on the size of the diamond

How many grams in a diamond?

It Depends On the size of the diamond!

Is gold or diamond heavier?

Gold is heavier than diamond if they are the same size

What size a carat diamond?

A carat diamonds size is 3.5mm.

Is diamond heavier than gold?

It depends on the size of the diamond and the gold, but if they're the same size, the gold will be significantly heavier.

How big a diamond compared to a Talc?

No real size difference is important. A tiny diamond is still a diamond.

What is the largest diamond made of?

Every diamond, regardless of its size, is formed from carbon.

What is the size of a diamond?

Diamonds are typically measured in two ways. Either by weight which is represented by carats or by physical size which is by MM (millimeters). Weight is used for pricing the diamond and size is used to know if the diamond can fit in a setting.

Does the value of a diamond depends on it size?

Size -- or weight, is one determinant. Others include the diamond's colour, clarity and cut and its excellence.

How do ifind the size of a 7mm diamond?

The carat size of a diamond should be determined by a certified jeweler. There are two different sizes the is the millimeter size which as stated was 7mm and then a jeweler can give a carat size.

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