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An Olympic event containing three events is called a "Triathlon."

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Q: An olympic event containing 3 events?
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What is the name of an olympic event containing 3 sports?


What is an olympic advent containing 3 sports?

The Triathalon

How many event throwing event are there in decathlon?

3 events.

What are 3 2012 summer olympic events that only men can participate in?

There are many more than 3 events that do not have a similar event for the women. The 50 M walk, 5 boxing events, and many events in canoeing are just the first ones looked at in alphabetical order.

An athletic event with 3 events?


What are the different diving boards that olympic divers dive off?

At the Olympics the only diving boards used are the 10 metre platform and the 3 metre springboard. At other competitions Olympians could also compete in the 1 metre board event but this is not an Olympic event. In club events, junior events and some national events, Olympic divers could also use the 5 metre platform and the 7.5 metre platform. In training there is sometimes a 3 metre platform available, which is not used in competitions.

How many throwing event are there in decathlon?

3 events.

How many events were added to the 2012 olympic games for women?

3 events were added just for Women's Boxing

Did women's boxing make its Olympic debut at the London Olympic Games?

Yes with 3 events for the different weight classes

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