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A cross between a fast ball and a curve ball is called a slider.

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Q: A cross between fast ball and curve ball?
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A cross between a fast ball and a curve ball?


a cross between a fast ball and a curve?

Most likely a slider. It has the properties of a curve, but it has the speed of a fastball.

What is the difference between a fast ball and a curve ball?

A fast ball has more velocity and does not move as much as a curveball

What is the appoximate difference in speed between a softball fast ball and a curve ball?


What is a fast ball and curve ball mixed together called?

When a fast ball and curve ball are mixed together it is called a slider.

What is fast ball?

A fast ball is when the pitchers throws the ball straight at the strike zone, it doesn't curve (curve ball) or lower (slider), it goes straight ahead.

What are all the pitches in softball?

Fast ball, curve ball, drop ball, screw ball, rise ball, change up, curve drop, off speed curve.

Does a curve ball really curve?

Yes, the curve ball curves. This is because of the way the ball is thrown, which is a kind of a spin/jerky fast motion.

How fast can a curve ball go?

88 mph

What types of positions in Fastpitch are there?

Curve ball, Change up, fast ball, slider, splitter.

How fast does a curve ball need to be to break?

it has to be at least 55-60 mph before it even breaks

What is the difference between a pitcher's command and a pitcher's control?

Great question. The pitchers command means that his pitches are doing what he wants them to do. If his intent is to throw a curve ball, then the ball will curve. The pitcher has control when the pitches he throws are staying in the strike zone like he wants. If he wants to throw a ball, then he is throwing balls. your curveball can curve, your breaking ball can break, your slider will slide, and your fastball is fast.... however if you can't get it over the plate ( or reasonably within range), you have no control.

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