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its awesome

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Q: How many people die from drag racing a year?
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How many people are injured each year because of Drag Racing?

7.1 billion people each year

How many injuries occur in drag racing a year?

Over 30000000000000000

Who started drag racing?

Drag racing was born in America in the year after World War II by Wally Parks. Parks was also part of the people who found the Road Runners Club.

How many people are racing in the Iditarod this year?

therer is 63 people racing in the idearod race

Is drag racing a felony?

It may depend on the state. In Tennessee, according to, drag racing is a Class B misdemeanor. For the first offense, you can lose your license for a year. A second offense within 10 years, you can lose your license permanently.

Can Chevy 305 be built for drag racing?

Yes, but remember that with cubic inches, comes torque. Torque, and drag racing go together well. However, one of the most famous drag racing cars of the 80's, was the Buick Grand National. In fact, that car stopped production of the Corvette for one year! It had a turbo charged V-6. Chuck......

How old do you have to be to drive at a drag strip?

it depends what your racing the little dragsters 12-16 year old kids can drive

What sport has more attendance in a year horse racing or auto racing?

Most people would say auto racing but it really is horse racing.

Who is LE Tonglet?

LE Tonglet is a two time AHDRA ( All Harley Drag Racing Association) champion. He was also Rookie of the year in 2007 at AHDRA!

What time of the year does horse racing happen?

Horse racing occurs year round.

How many greyhounds are bred for racing each year?

Over 1000 in the United Kingdom each year.

How many horses die every year from racing?

Well somewhere around 800 race horses die from injuries caused by racing... =(

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