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Muscle worship is a form of body worship involving specifically the musculature of the worshiped participant, sometimes called the "muscle god (or goddess)". The muscle god is often very muscular, such as a competitive bodybuilder or strength athlete, although anyone in a reasonably fit, athletic condition would suffice. The worshiper is typically of a less-developed musculature; sometimes two muscle gods, goddesses, or one of each, will swap roles and worship one another's muscles.

The act of muscle worship involves the physical manifestation of appreciation, love, and obsession of the muscle god's body shape. This often involves touching, petting, rubbing, massaging, licking, kissing, and other sensual contact with the hands and mouth of the worshiper to the major muscles of the muscle god, though the worshiper will sometimes touch or rub the muscles with other parts of the worshiper's body. During the contact, the muscle god will often pose or flex the major muscles, adding to the intensity of the experience. There can also be verbal communication, often with the worshiper expressing appreciation, gratitude, and amazement while the muscle god invites the worshiper to enjoy the experience, often in a condescending or egotistical manner; the experience is as much for the muscle god's ego as it is for the worshiper's enjoyment.

The contact is usually explicitly non-sexual, and both participants usually wear some clothing, such as shorts or bodybuilders' trunks. A muscle worship session can turn sexual, however, doing so usually marks an end to muscle worship and the beginning of a muscle fetish sexual encounter. As such, the practice of muscle worship should not be confused with muscle play or teasing as part of sexual foreplay.

Although muscle worship is primarily done by male bodybuilders in the role of muscle god, both male and female bodybuilders often offer muscle worship sessions for a price to supplement their low or nonexistent income from bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

Those who engage in muscle worship, predominantly male-on-male sessions, do not consider the activity to be homosexual in nature. This is because the muscle god's musculature, and not the actual person having the muscles, are the subject of the worship. Mainstream society tends to disagree with this notion, believing that any prolonged physical contact outside of professional services (massage, medicine, competition preparation, etc), particularly that which is worshipful or obsessive, is inherently sexual, and in the case of same-gender muscle worshipers, homosexual. While there is an incidence of homosexual muscle worship, this is not the case in general; most homosexual muscle worship sessions that turn toward sexual contact qualify as muscle play as described above, and not pure muscle worship.

As its heart, muscle worship is the physical manifestation of profound appreciation and respect for a person's musculature, much in the same way that many people are excited to meet and shake hands with a sports hero or movie star, muscle worshipers feel that way about having the opportunity to touch and experience exceptional muscle.

The psychology of muscle worship is not fully understood. The practice developed from envy, jealousy, or profound appreciation for excellent muscularity. It is a relatively modern social activity that began to gain popularity with the rise of competitive bodybuilding. When the worshiper is of a less-muscular stature, the aspects of envy or jealousy are more pronounced. Typically, profound appreciation for the achievement of exceptional muscularity and stroking of the muscle god's ego remain the primary motivations, particularly when muscle worship is done between two or more accomplished bodybuilders in a session.

There is a subset of muscle worship which is more intimate in nature. This form usually involves more sexual or erotic aspects, such as domination by strength using Wrestling, lifting/carrying, and other activities also common in non-muscle domination and submission sexual encounters. These encounters, while not "pure" muscle worship, most often involve opposite-gender partners, though homosexual encounters of this type are also common.

Muscle worship (both "pure" and sexual) sessions are sometimes produced professionally or by amateur webcam for the enjoyment of an audience. This voyeuristic aspect is usually sexual in nature, if not for the participants, then for their audience.

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