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Contemporary Ballet.

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Q: What is modern ballet?
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Related questions

What are the different kinds of ballet?

classical ballet, modern ballet, theatrical ballet and contempary

What are the different types of ballet?

Classical and modern ballet

Is modern dance the same thing as ballet?

Modern is not the same thing as ballet as ballet is classical movements of the body and modern is modern dance but it is not the same as street dance, as it can be classical but not ballet.Also for modern you can wear dance trainers which you cannot use in ballet.Ballet you would have to wear point(e) shoes and soft ballet shoes.

Are contemporary dance and modern dance the same thing?

Yes x :) but you can also have contemporary ballet which is a modern version of ballet. x

What has the author Fernau Hall written?

Fernau Hall has written: 'Modern English ballet' -- subject(s): Ballet 'The beauty of ballet' -- subject(s): Ballet, History

What is one of the key difference between modern dance and ballet answer?

Ballet is slow and fancy but modern music is now up beat and anything is dancing.

What is the difference in ballet in modern dance?

ballet is very classical and an old, traditional dance. modern dance is more free and less restricted and diciplined.

How are ballet and modern similar dances?

they are not similar, in my modern dance class my teacher corrects me when I do the steps like a ballerina. But the only thing I can think of that ballet and modern go together in is rhythm.

A form for ballet?

There is a spectrum of forms of ballet which are continuous based on choreography, but the categories recognized are: classical neo-classical contemporary modern-ballet

What kind of dancer is Mikhail Baryshnikov?

balletA great one! The best!But seriously.... He used to do classical ballet, then more modern ballet. Then back to classical ballet. Then modern dance. Now he's a choreographer, artistic director and founder of his own ballet company.

What are some dance genres that originated from ballet?

from ballet, contemporary evolved, to be a good contemporary dancer u need to be ballet trained, modern jazz also developed from ballet.

What is the difference between modern ballets from traditional ballets?

Modern ballet focuses on natural movement and traditional ballet has more stricter rules. For example, if a traditional ballet dancer is just standing on stage, their legs have to be turned out and in first position. But if it were a modern ballet dancer, their legs would not be turned out and they would be in parallel position.

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