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Q: Reaction time in sport
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What is reaction time in sport?

Reaction time is how fast someone reacts in a sport, such as hitting a fastball.

What sports do you use reaction time in?

Reaction time is defined as the time that elapses between a stimulus and the response to it. Every sport uses reaction time. Every sport requires you to do a sitmulus and respond to it.

What sports require reaction time?

I cannot think of a sport that does not require you to react in a certain amount of time. Every sport needs reaction time

What sport requires fastest reaction time?


What sport do you use reaction time?

Boxing, Athletics (sprinting) tennis, skiing, motor racing, offroading, motorcycling, all ball sports except golf and bowling, judo.

What sport needs reaction time?

several sports require reaction time but the one that comes to my mind first is baseball. Because you need to have a fast reaction time to both hit and field the ball when it is hit.

What sport uses reaction time?

You require a good reaction time to take part in any sport, whether it be reacting to the start whistle, in swimming or sprinting, or reacting to a volley of some sort, in football or tennis. especially in Formula1 as a slight mistake and it could all be over.

Do sport drinks effect reaction time?

=Yes,If you drink a energy drink...your reaction time will be so goood.that is until it wears away && u become miserable.So forget those while your in sports.==Gatorade-pretty much waterr.Takes some time to actually help.So goodluck on figuring something sportish to drink.Oh p.s. cheer is a sport.=

What national sport was a reaction to prohibition?

baseball was the sports

What could a person do to improve their reaction time?

Reaction time can be improved by regularly practicing any activity in which reaction time plays an important role. Such activities would include martial arts, action-style video games such as first person shooters with a high difficulty level, and any fast-paced sport such as table tennis.

When is the best time to play any sport?

The best time to play a sport will depend on the sport itself.

What requires quicker reactions cricket or tennis?

Every sport requires skill levels and reaction times according to the level of opposition that is available in that sport at the time. In both - tennis and cricket the ball can hit something on the ground and bounce 'untrue'. Other than that, it depends on what is 'thrown' at them at the time.

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