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Q: What is the song for the black belt in recorder karate?
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What is the song for the first degree black belt in recorder karate?

jolly good fellow

What is the belt after yellow on recorder karate?

The belt after yellow belt on recorder karate is the orange belt. The song of yellow belt is Gently Sleep and the song on orange belt is Merrily We Roll Along.

What is recorder karate?

Recorder karate is something you do in school starting at 3rd grade. If you want to know how to play the recorder. When you do recorder karate you play a song and if you play the song right on the recorder, then you will get a white belt from your music teacher. Then on the second song if you play the song right you will get a yellow belt It is called recorder karate because you can get a belt every time you play a song right kinda like karate! I am in 3rd grade that is how i know this.

What is the brown belt song for recorder karate?

I have a brown belt here is the song donkey riding

What is the song for recorder karate blue belt?

The song is When the saints go marching in :)

What is the fourth song in recorder karate?

What is the fourth song for recorder karate

How do you play the second song in recorder karate?

hey Hey Hey Hey...................

What is the song for the gold belt on a recorder?

The Star Spangled Banner.

What is the orange belt song for recorder?

Merrily we roll along

What is that song about a Japanese gal who's a black belt in karate defeating all the robots?

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips.

What is the song after old MacDonald in recorder karate?

It's When Saint go Marching Here are the notes to the song, "When the Saints Go Marching in" for the recorder: GBC'D'-----GBC'D'-----GBC'D' B G A G----- BAG-GB-D'D'D'C' BC'D' BGAG-----

Who sings the song 'A Black Belt Is a White Belt Who Never Quit'?


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