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A person who is doing Archery should wear a guard for their forearm. This will prevent the bowstring from raising a welt if it should accidentally hit you. Nobody is allowed to walk up and retrieve their arrows while someone is still shooting at a target.

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Q: What is the safety involved in archery?
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Why did a mom who makes her daughter get involved in things simply ask her if she wants to get involved in archery?

Because archery is the best sport in the world.

Do you wear safety gear at Olympic archery?

Yes you do.

In archery when a bow is released what forms of energy are involved?

Potential energy and kinetic energy

What health and safety issues are involved in an FBI agent occupation?

what health and safety issues are involved in fbi agent

Why is gun safety important?

Safety is always important regardless of what object is involved.

What equipment do you need for archery?

At its most simple you ned a bow, arrows and a target. For safety reasons you also need to join an archery club where you will be insured against possible harm or damage to other people.

Does Justin bieber play archery?

No he does not. He is involved in car racing, skateboarding, riding his segway, and ice skating (hockey).

Why is archery called archery?

Archery comes from Latin arcus. ☻

What are the regulation in archery?

there are no regulations of archery

What is sky archery?

sky archery was a brand of archery like a sky conquest

What do beginning archers need to do before they begin to practice archery?

The first thing the beginning archer should do is find someone who will teach them proper archery safety, technique and practices. The best place to find that person is at a local archery club, such as those which are certified by the U.S. Olympic Archery Committee (USA Archery) in the U.S.A or the British Grand National Archery Society in Great Britain. For those who are not interested in Olympic style archery, there are many other clubs, organizations and societies which concentrate on the other styles of archery, such as the English Field Archery Association (Great Britain) and the National Field Archery Association (U.S.A.), as well as the Society for Creative Anachronisms, Inc. (an International Society dedicated to Education, Research and Re-Creation of the Mediaeval Period of History). Most organizations and societies do require payment of dues and/or fees, so be prepared.

What is an archery enthusiast or archer called?

toxophilite: a lover of archery; one devoted to archery.

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