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1. Cricket, without any doubt.

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Q: Which is the most famous sport in India 1. Cricket 2. Hockey 3. Football 4. Tennis?
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Which are the most famous sports in India 1. Cricket 2. Hockey 3. Football 4. Tennis?

You appear to have listed them in your question.

What sports are the famous in India?

Polo, Cricket, Association Football and Hockey are all popular.

Why your national sport hockey is not famous in India?

Type your answer here... due to the growth cricket and football. plus the Indian hockey team is loosing its invincibility

What sports do they play in Czech Republic?

VolleyBall, Ice Hockey, football (soccer), and tennis are the most famous i know of

Is It Italy famous for Football and Cricket?

Italy is not famous for cricket!

Unlike rugby football or tennis which famous universal games are played without bats balls or even gloves?


What kind of sports do US plays?

They mainly play American football, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Running (Track and Cross Country) and Athletics. Other games such as hockey, cricket and badminton were not famous because these games were mainly played by Britain (U.S rivals) and south Asian countries.

Which is world famous game's cricket or football?


Why is hockey national game of India though cricket and football are more famous?

Hockey was the most famous game of India in the past.India were champs in it and won 8 olympic gold medals.due to a number of factors,hockey's popularity gradually declined and was overtook by cricket and most recently football. Hockey has been our national game of our past,present and will be in the future.It is symbolic and will not be changed.we can only try to improve it's condition in India not ignore it

Which is the famous game in the world?

football And Cricket is the famous game of the world

What are famous Dutch pastimes?

Sports are important Dutch pastimes in the Netherlands. Famous sports include tennis, football, gymnastics, and golf. Other popular Dutch sports include rugby cycling, korfball, and cricket.

What is a famous French sport?

Football and Tennis By: Annie McDonough

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