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Through the 2009 regular season, that was November 9, 1997 when the Bengals defeated the Colts, 28-13, in Indianapolis.

Since then, the Colts have won 6 consecutive matchups (1998, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008)

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2010-01-04 05:47:20
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Q: When was the last time the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Indianapolis Colts?
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Has the Baltimore Ravens beat the Indianapolis Colts?

Yes but the Colts clearly have the upper hand.

Who beat the super bowl Chicago Bears?

The Indianapolis Colts.

Who did the saints beat in super bowl xliv?

Indianapolis Colts

When was the last time the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The last time the Bengals beat the Steelers was on December 23, 2012.

How many times have the Bengals beat The Steelers?

The Bengals from Cincinnati have had a running rivalry with the Pittsburgh Steelers for some time. As of 2012, the Bengals had beat the Steelers 33 times.

Who beat the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl?

Nobody INDIANAPOLIS Colts have only been in 1 Super Bowl (XLI) vs. the Bears in which they won.

What team has the Cincinnati Bengals not beat?

Denver Broncos if you mean this season.

When was the last time the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Oakland radiers?


Which teams did the New York Jets beat in 2009?

In 2009, the New York Jets finished the regular season with a 9-7 record. They defeated the Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals. The Jets also won two playoff games, defeating the San Diego Chargers and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Has the Houston Texans beat the Colts at home in Indianapolis Indiana?


What team did the 49ers beat in the 1982 1985 1989 and 1990 Super Bowls?

They beat the Cincinnati Bengals in 1982, the Miami Dolphins in 1985, the Cincinnati Bengals again in 1989, and the Denver Broncos in 1990.

Who did the miami dolphins beat?

In 2019, the Dolphins beat the Jets, the Colts, the Eagles, the Bengals, and the Patriots.

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