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Jackie Robinson was born during the time when African Americans were largely discrimintated against and he was civil rights activist in addition to a Baseball player. In addition to being mistreated for a silly thing such as skin color, it was hard on him because his single mother was left to provide for his family on her own which meant they had little money to spend on the necessities like food, shelter and clothes. Fun Fact: Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 and Jackie's brother Matthew won the silver metal at the 200-meter dash in the Olympic in 1936.

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Q: What made Jackie Robinsons life hard at sometimes growing up?
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Yes, he did. He was on of five children raised by a single parent. His father left the family when Jackie was very young. Money was tight for the family, and Jackie learned at an early age how to make it on his own. Aside from growing up in a financially struggling household, he suffered from discrimination all his life due to his being African American. He fought hard to end racism and made a huge impact with his efforts.

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