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it all depends on the course there not all the same. Pros play a course that is usually 6600-7200 yards long. Amateurs and duffers play small courses.

the size of a Golf course can range from 74 acres for amateurs to 250 acres for professionals

a professional golf course is about 170 acres ,some are up to 200 acres

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Q: What is the size of a golf course?
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What is the size of a golf course in square meters?

depends on the golf course, retard

Average size of 18 hole golf course?

The average size of an 18 hole golf course is 6000 yards, or 5486 m.

What is the average size of a miniature golf course hole?

same as a regular golf course 3 inches across

Holes in a full size golf course?

18 holes.

How many holes in a full size golf course?


How much does a golf course cost?

Too much, and well, frankly, its really depends on the size of the golf course that you want made. Zoysha grass is common on a golf course and the sod for it is fairly expensive.

How many holes in a championship golf course?

18, a golf course is a golf course is a golf course, if you are talking total, it varies by the championship.

What do we call where we play golf?

It is a golf links if the course is near the sea. Otherwise it is a golf course if further inland.

Does murmansk russia have a golf course?

A Golf? Course! :)

Which golf course is closest to USC?

The golf course closest to USC is Brookside Golf Course. It is located beside the Rose Bowl. It is a public golf course.

How far can the golf gps get a hold of?

Most golf GPS systems can pick up the full size of a golf course. There ar golf GPS systems that have the ability to automatically pick up any golf course that you are on as well as keep track of your score and calculate how far a golf ball will go when hit.

What is the difference between a miniature golf course and a traditional golf course?

A mini golf course has obstacles and hills and bumps and a traditional golf course has a green and a fairway

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