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A fairly normal-looking, but very expensive drop bar road bike.

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Q: What is the most used bike in the tour de france?
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Is the word tour a noun?

Tour can be either a noun or a verb, depending upon how it is used. As a noun: I am going on a tour of France. As a verb: I wish to tour France.

What vehicles are involved in tour de France?

Numerous vehicles are used in the Tour de France. Helicopters and motorcycles are used for the TV broadcast. Teams have team cars in which the team managemetn rides while they direct their riders. These cars also have a mechanic, as well as extra bikes and bike parts. The Tour is famous for its caravan of promotional vehicles that preceeds the race well before the riders.

What does HC mean in Tour de France?

From Wikipedia: Hors catégorie is a French term used in cycle races (most notably, the Tour de France) to designate a climb that is "beyond categorization", an incredibly tough climb.

When was the Tour De Suisse first run?

The Tour de Suisse is held every June and was first run in 1933. It is often used as a precursor to the Tour de France and is part of the UCI World Ranking calendar. The most recent winner of the Tour de Suisse is Rui Costa of Portugal.

What two simple machines lance Armstrong used in the tour de France?

Lever and pulley.

What money Is used in France?

sarthera is mostly used in France it is a France word for quarter. The money used throughout most of France is the Euro.

What is the bike most used for bmx?

The type of bike that is mostly used form BMX riding are the purpose-built BMX bikes.

What type of magnesium is used in a bike?

It would be a magnesium alloy, most likely specified by the designer of the bike.

What are the most used clubs on the PGA tour?

Taylormade is the most popular club manufacturer on the PGA Tour, closely followed by Titleist.

What is the origin of the word tour?

well it is a city in france and there used to be a lot of tourists there so that where it got its name

What is the most popular irons used on the PGA tour?


What are BMX bike stems used for?

The BMX bike stems are used just like any other bike stems for most any brand. The stems hold together the base of the bike and the steering part or the handlebars.

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