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Q: What is the highest number of hat tricks taken by a bowler in test cricket?
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Has malinga taken hat trick in t20?

Malinga is a fast bowler. He is playing for sri Lankan team. He got 2 hat tricks in t20 cricket.

Which bowler has taken most hat tricks in ODI?

Lasith Malinga of Srilanka

Which bowler has taken most hat-tricks in test?

There are three bowlers who have achieved this title 2 times. Hugh Tumble, Jimmy Matthews, Wasim Akram did this twice each in international test cricket. Fred Spofforth of Australia was the first bowler who got hat-trick in 1879.

Which bowler has taken most hat-tricks in ODI?

Lasith Malinga of Sri Lanka has taken most hat-tricks in ODI; total three hat-tricks, against South Africa, Kenya and Australia.

Which Pakistani bowler took a hat-trick in the 1999 world cup?

The Pakistani bowler who took a hat trick in the 1999 Cricket World Cup was Saqlain Mushtaq - Saqlain is one of four bowlers to have taken two One Day International hat tricks, and one of only two spinners to perform the feat in One Day Internationals.

How many double hat-tricks have been in test match cricket?


How many bowlers have made hattrick in Test Cricket?

In the history of Test Cricket 36 bowlers have made hat-tricks till now.

Who has taken three hat-tricks in One Day International cricket?

Lasith Malinga is the ONLY person to have taken 3 hat tricks in ODI

Has anyone ever gotten two hat-tricks in a single game of cricket?

your nan on skates

What tricks would Annie Oakley do?

She did a number of shooting tricks with pistols and rifles.

Why do number tricks work?


Who is the only fast bowler to get a hatrick in one day international?

Wasim Akram and Mohammed Sami, of Pakistan are the only two odi fast bowlers getting hat-tricks.

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