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The All Blacks.

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Q: What is the New Zealand national rugby union team's nickname?
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5 What is the nickname of the French national rugby and football teams?

Les Bleus

How many professional rugby teams does New Zealand have?

There are 14 professional teams in the ITM cup competition for rugby union. However there are also rugby league teams as well as women's teams and the national team.

What is the name of Scotland's international rugby team?

They don't have a nickname as other national teams do...

What is the name of nzs national soccer team?

The nickname for New Zealand's national soccer teams is "The Kiwis".

What is the Australian rugby teams nickname?

The Wallabies

What is rugby league called in Australia?

Rugby League in Australia is called Rugby League, and it is an competition called the NRL (National Rugby League) which teams are based in Australia and one in New Zealand

What is the purpose of the National rugby league?

National Rugby League is teams based in Australia and one in New Zealand. The purpose was to seprate from the Super League and gain their own indepence from the English.

What is the Difference between national rugby league and rugby league?

no difference its just that the nrl is a different compitition played by Australian teams and one team from NEW ZEALAND

How many rugby teams of the National Rugby League are actually located in Sydney?

there are 9 teams in sydeny

Captains of New Zealand rugby teams?

the captain of the New Zealand Rugby union team the All Blacks is Richie McCaw and the captain of the New Zealand Rugby League team is Simon Mannering

What is new zealands rugby teams nickname?

They are known as the All Blacks

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