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Lance Armstrong uses Trek bicycles

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Q: What brand of bicycles did Lance Armstrong use to race with?
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Which Cycling Team does Lance Armstrong currently race for?

Lance Armstrong retired in 2010 and is now banned for life

Did lance armstrong race in the tour de france in 2006?


Did Lance Armstrong race in Tour De France in 2009?


Who won the 2001 tour de fance bicycle race?

lance armstrong

Will lance Armstrong be competeing in the tour de France in 2010?

Yes, Lance will be in tip-top shape for this years race.

Who won the tour de france in 2000?

Lance Armstrong from USA won the race

Which American is the seven-time winner of the Tour de France bicycle race?

Lance Armstrong

What does lance Armstrong do everyday to get ready for a race?

He goes biking in the morning every single day.

Do lance Armstrong running shoes support your feet while running?

Even though Lance Armstrong is a respectable athlete the shoes do not seem to be reputable. Keep in mind that athletes sometimes put their names on products they never even tested. I recommend going with shoes from a more respectable brand since this race is important to you. Now is not the time to test out a brand that you're unsure of.

What brand of bicycle did Lance Armstrong use in his Tour de France?

In 1999, Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France for the first time, using a Trek 5200 bicycle. In future races, Armstrong rode other Models of Trek Bikes, notably including the 14.5 pound Trek 5900 SL in 2003, which was banned the following year due to new weight requirements for the Tour de France (the rule required all bicycles taking part in the race to weigh at least 15 pounds - or 6.8 kilograms).

Who holds the record for winning the race at Le Tour De France the most times?

Lance Armstrong

What country was the person from that won the Tour de France in 1999?

Lance Armstrong from USA won the race

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