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You can start at any age. Take a beginner's class to start with and you can progress from there.

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2008-12-16 16:39:54
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1st step of gymnastics for beginners.

2nd step of gymnastics for beginners.

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Q: How old do you have to be to go to gymnastics?
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How old is to old for gymnastics?

Most gymnastics places say you cannot be involved when you are 23. This is in the U.S. and is because of insurance reasons. This can change depending where you go to participate.

How old would you have to start to go to Olympics for gymnastics?

it depends how long you practice

How old do you have to be for gymnastics for Olympics?

There is not age limit, per se. If you can make the team, you can go.

How old is too old to start gymnastics and how tall is too tall for gymnastics?

There is no height limit for gymnastics. And I am not sure about the age. I am 14 and I do gymnastics and I think that like 16-19 is too old. But there is no age limit

Is eleven to old to start gymnastics?

to be hosent your never to old to do gymnastics so i say go aheadbe fore your time run out as some noe said to me the end is closer than you think go do what you want y you are still young

Can a 10 year old joining gymnastics still go to the Olympics?

Yes,they can.Im sure

How old was kerri strug when she started gymnastics?

she was 5 years old when kerri strug started gymnastics

Should a twelve year old be in level 6 in gymnastics?

I'm 13 and I'm in Ultra advanced 3 at my gymnastics place, lol, idk where u go!?

What things to do starting with G?

Grow, Gymnastics, Go Green! Grow, Gymnastics, Go Green!

Gymnastics that are cheap?

Well it depends where you live . I go to Titan Gymnastics.

What is the aim of Gymnastics?

The aim of gymnastics is to be flexible or to go really well and go further, maybe to the olympics!

Where do you go if you want to try gymnastics uneven bars?

You go to a gymnastics gym, with a certified coach or spotter.

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