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Ok, it has two teams, you play on an oval field which has a rectangular pitch, you play in the middle of it, the pitch is 22 yards in length, each team has 11 players, and generally 1 sub player, at the start of the game, the captain from each team goes out to the middle with the umpires. And you toss a coin and whoever wins the toss has a choice to bat or field first.

Batting: when batting you have two batsman in centre at a time* The batsman are your openers, then you have between 5 and 7 middle order batmen, and then to follow between 2 and 4 lower order batsman, who are generally when you are fielding, your bowlers. Your objective when batting is to score as many runs as you can in the allotted number of overs, and to lose as few wickets as possible.

Fielding: the fielding side has all 11 players out in the centre, the fielding side consists of a wicket keeper, a bowler and 9 fielders. A bowler's objective is to have as few runs scored off his over as possible and to try and take wickets. The fielder's objective is when the batsman hits the ball, to stop runs from actually being scored by stopping the ball.

Runs: Runs can be scored in singles, twos, threes, fours and sixes, fours and sixes are called boundaries, this is when the batsman hits the ball and it goes over the boundary rope (the outer marking of the field). A four is a boundary along the ground - having bounced, a six is when it goes over the boundary rope without touching the ground. There are other types of runs, generally called extras, they consist of wides, leg byes, byes, no balls. These are generally contributed when the bowler or fielder make a mistake.

Wickets: There are a numbers of ways of getting out while batting:

* You can be bowled - when bowler bowls ball and it hits your wickets.

* You can be caught - bowler bowls ball, you hit it, and a fielder, wicket keeper or bowler catches the ball before it bounces.

* LBW - Leg Before Wicket - ball hits leg while standing in front of wicket. See:

* Run-out - The ball is returned to the stumps and the bails are dislodged (with the ball) from the stumps before the running batsman makes his ground.

* Stumped - The batsman, when trying to hit a ball bowled at him, leaves his ground and the wicket-keeper succeeds in dislodging the bails from the stumps before the batsman can remake his ground.

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Cricket is played with 2 teams on an oval field with a strip that runs down the middle. The bowler stands on the strip and rolls the ball to the other teams striker. Wickets are placed behind the bowler and the striker and is guarded by a wicket keeper, who is wearing gloves. Break the wicket behind the bowler and the striker is out!

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Q: How do you play Cricket?
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