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Until one of the two brothers switches teams, they can only play in the Super Bowl, since Peyton plays for an AFC team (Colts) and Eli plays for an NFC team (Giants). Since they have never played against each other in the Super Bowl, they have never played in against each other in the playoffs.

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Q: Have Eli Manning play a playoff game against Peyton Manning?
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When did Peyton Manning win his first playoff game?

January 4, 2004 against the Denver Broncos by the score of 41-10. It was the 4th playoff game in his career.

How many times has Peyton Manning won against Tom Brady?

Including playoff games, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have dueled 15 times. Manning's victory over Brady in the recent AFC Championship game improved Peytons overall record to five wins, versus 10 losses.

Most yards Peyton Manning has passed for in one game?

472, against the chiefs.

How many 3 TD passing games has Peyton Manning had?

The game last week against the Texans was Peyton's 48th 3TD+ game in his career.

Was the recent Super Bowl game thrown by Peyton Manning?

No, Peyton Manning did not throw the Super Bowl game against the New Orleans Saints. He played his hardest along with his teammates and just came up short in the end.

What game did Peyton Manning throw his 49 touch down pass?

In 2004 at the RCA Dome against the Chargers

Did Eli Manning ever beat Peyton Manning in NFL?

Not in a game their teams played against each other in, no. but eli does have two superbowl wins now and peyton has one. peyton does have 4 mvp awards tho, which is more than eli

What was the result of Peyton Manning's first professional game pass against the Sea hawks in 1998?

The Seahawks defeated the Colts 24-21 in the first preseason game of the 1998 season, on August 8, 1998, the first game ever played by Peyton Manning.

Have 2 brothers ever faced each other in a nfl game as quarterback?

Twice in 2006, when Eli Manning played against his brother Peyton Manning.

What game did Peyton Manning get injured?

New Orleans

How many interceptions has Peyton Manning had in one game?

Manning set his personal high with 6 interceptions against the San Diego Chargers on November 11, 2007.

When did Peyton Manning play in his first professional game?


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