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Normally, jockeys are fairly short but not because there is a height limit. Instead, there is a weight limit assigned to each horse and the rider and his equipment must not exceed that limit. Usually jockeys are shorter than 5'6" due to the weight consideration.

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Q: Average height of jockey
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What is average height of a horse jockey?


Who is the shortest Jockey in Horse Racing?

The shortest Jockey I've heard of was 4',6" if that helps :) the average height is 5',5" and the tallest I've heard of was about 5',7".

How tall can a jockey be?

A jockey can pretty much be any height. They just have to weight 115 or under.

How Tall Do you have to be to be a jockey?

There are no height restrictions in racing even though all jockey's are stereotyped to be short.

Average weight of a Horse Jockey?

10 stone for a jump jockey and 8.7 stone for flat jockey.

What is the height limit to become a Jockey?

There is no height limit, most horse jockeys range from 5'1''-5'5'', the tallest horse jockey was 6'1''. The qualifications to be a jockey depends on their weight and the discipline or type of racing the horse is used for.

Is there a height to be able to race in the Kentucky Derby?

Even though jockey's are known to be short, there are no height restrictions.

How tall can a horse jockey be?

Under 5' 2".A jockey can be any height, but they must be under 115 pounds and 16 years old or older.

What is the weight and height limits for a jockey also what is the minimum age?

Weight is 115 max, no height limit, and 16 is the minimum age.

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